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Sam Stoneburner successfully defended his doctoral thesis!

On June 11, graduate student, Sam Stoneburner successfully defended his doctoral thesis, “Accurate quantum mechanical study of singlet-triplet gaps in organic radicals and of metal catecholates for air separation in metal organic frameworks.”Dr. Stoneburner will head next to a faculty position at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Sam!

Prachi Sharma awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

Fourth-year graduate student, Prachi Sharma has been awarded a highly competitive Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for the 2019-20 academic year. Prachi’s research interests focus on developing novel quantum mechanical methods that can accurately describe electron-electron interactions. She is using these methods to predict chemical properties of actinide-transition metal complexes, which are important for catalysis, study of electronic spectra and excited state properties of various organic and inorganic molecules.

Benjamin Yeh has received a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship .

Benjamin Yeh, co-advised by Laura Gagliardi and Aditya Bhan, has received a fellowship in the highly competitive National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).His research focuses on measuring the kinetics and determining the reaction mechanism for the oligomerization of propenes and butenes on nickel-based metal-organic frameworks through experiment and computation.

Sam Stoneburner has received the 2018-19 Overend Award.

Group member, Sam Stoneburner has received the 2018-19 Overend Award in Physical Chemistry in the theory/computation area.This award honors outstanding physical chemistry graduate student researchers and is named after Professor John Overend who was a physical chemist in the Department of Chemistry from 1960 to 1984.