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September 2023 Fun and Games People and Events

Double the Cheers, Double the Joy!

The Gagliardi Group celebrates not just one but two group members! We are wishing a very Happy Birthday to Valay Agarawal, our brilliant PhD student, and Soumi Haldar, our dedicated postdoctoral researcher! Here’s to many more moments of working well together and achieving great things!


People and Events

Gagliardi Group says Farewell to Gautam Stroscio

It’s with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to our brilliant colleague, Gautam Stroscio, as he embarks on a new adventure. After making valuable contributions to the Gagiardi Research Group, Gautam is taking his talents to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
July 2023 People and Events

Saumil Chheda and Benjamin Yeh Successfully Graduate from the University of Minnesota!

Saumil Chheda Benjamin Yeh Join us in celebrating the graduation of Saumil Chedda and Benjamin Yeh from the University of Minnesota! Saumil’s next position will be as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Climate Change, Machine Learning, and Advanced Materials at the Bakar Institute of Digital Materials for the Planet in University of California Berkeley, under the guidance of Professor Omar Yaghi. Ben’s next position will be as a Process Development/Scale-Up Engineer at ExxonMobil in Baytown, Texas.


July 2023 Fun and Games People and Events

Striking Pins and Camaraderie with the Gagliardi Group

The Gagliardi Research Group enjoy an evening of camaraderie and pin-crashing fun as they slipped on their bowling shoes in an unforgettable outing of friendly competition! Strikes, spares, and the occasional gutter ball brought cheers and laughter echoing through the bowling alley as friendships strengthened and new bonds formed. A successful team not only thrives on shared academic pursuits but also on shared experiences of joy and amusement.


People and Events

Gagliardi group welcomes four new summer student researchers!

Gagliardi group welcomes four first-year graduate students for summer rotations. The students will be paired with mentors in the Gagliardi Group to gain research experience in theoretical chemistry.

  1. Serina Tressler, mentored by Dr. Mukunda Mandal
  2. Alex Hoehn, mentored by Valay Agarawal
  3. Brian Wang, mentored by Shreya Verma
  4. Aniruddha Seal, mentored by Matthew Hennefarth
May 2023 People and Events Research and Publications

Dr. Mukunda Mandal has joined the Gagliardi Group!

Mukunda Mandal has joined the group as a postdoc, most recently a postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany

He is interested in Electronic Structure, Catalysis, and Reticular Frameworks. Welcome Mukunda!


March 2023 Research and Publications

Collaboration between the Gagliardi Group and Argonne boosts development of sustainable technology

Laura and graduate student Daniel King collaborated with the group of Max Delferro at Argonne National Laboratory to develop a better method for finding novel MOF catalysts, which have the potential to speed up industrially relevant chemical reactions. Increasing the efficiency of catalysts is critical for developing sustainable solutions and promoting decarbonization. The group used machine learning algorithms combined with high-throughput experimentation to screen different metals, temperatures, and pressures applied to the MOF NU-1000 for catalytic activity. After 2,000 reactions, the collaboration used this process to ultimately improve the yield of these chemical reactions from 0.4 percent to 24.4 percent. Read the article here.

January 2023 People and Events Research and Publications

Ariadna Fernandez reflects on her experience as a Open Quantum Initiative Fellow with Gagliardi Group

Ariadna Fernandez, a senior computer science student at University of Illinois at Chicago, visited the Gagliardi group during the summer of 2022 as a Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) Open Quantum Initiative Fellow. Her latest blog reflects on her experience from discovering the opportunity on Discord to running quantum simulations. It was a pleasure having you with us, Ariadna!

January 2023 Research and Publications

Gagliardi group selected as QNEXT’s Images of the Week

The Gagliardi group’s work, as part of the Next Generation Quantum Science and Engineering (Q-NEXT) project, has been selected as the “Images of the Week”. Established in 2020, Q-NEXT brings together roughly 100 experts from three national laboratories, 10 universities and 14 technology companies to develop the science and technology for controlling and distributing quantum information, enabling pivotal discoveries and U.S. competitiveness in quantum science and engineering. Bravo!


December 2022 People and Events

Teffanie Goh selected as the recipient of the Olshansky Graduate Student Travel Award

Graduate student, Teffanie Goh, is selected as one of the recipients of a Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Award. The Olshansky Graduate Student Travel Award is part of a group of Department of Chemistry awards at the University of Chicago that provides funding to help defray registration and conference costs for students and postdocs presenting at scientific conferences. Bravo, Teffanie!

October 2022 Research and Publications

Catalyst Design for Decarbonization Center (CD4DC) Kick-Off Meeting

The Catalyst Design for Decarbonization Center (CD4DC), a U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC), is based at the University of Chicago. PIs, senior scientists, junior researchers, and the Scientific Advisory Board gathered at The Study at University of Chicago for the Kick-Off Meeting on October 10 -11, 2022. Let the science begin!

August 2022 People and Events Research and Publications

The Catalyst Design for Decarbonization Center (CD4DC) has been awarded to UChicago and Laura Gagliardi will serve as Director.

Laura is the Director of the Catalyst Design for Decarbonization Center (CD4DC), a Department of Energy-sponsored Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC). The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded researchers at the University of Chicago $12.5 million to advance work aimed at finding innovative solutions for long-lasting hydrogen energy research — potentially offering a zero-emission alternative to fossil fuels. Based at the University of Chicago, the CD4DC will partner with researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, Clemson University, Northwestern University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Stony Brook University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Minnesota. Read the article here.