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We develop the LASSCF, CAS-DMET, pDMET methods in PySCF as described below


pdmet is a free and open-source Python3 program to perform density matrix embedding theory (DMET) calculation on periodic systems. Currently, pDMET is able to compute ground-state energy, local excitation energies as well as quasiparticle band structure using variety of quantum chemical solvers, such as: FCI, MP2, DMRG, SHCI, CCSD, CASSCF and NEVPT2. It is available at which is forked from


PySCF: a Python package for quantum chemistry calculations on molecules and solids (
pyWannier90: a Python interface for wannier90 used to construct Maximally-localized Wannier functions available at


The code can be used by importing the following modules

import pywannier90
from pdmet import dmet
pdmet = dmet.pDMET(cell, kmf, w90, solver = 'MP2') 

where kmf is a standard PySCF periodic mean-field method instance, ‘w90’ is a converged Wannier90 object and MP2 is the high-level quantum chemistry solver used.

Here is how the dmet module can be used along with the SA-CASSCF high-level solver to find excitation energies

'''DMET calculation - SA-CASSCF'''
pdmet = dmet.pDMET(cell, kmf, w90, solver = 'SA-CASSCF') 
pdmet.impCluster = [3]                                   # specifies the atom/atoms considered in the "impurity space"
pdmet.twoS = 0                                           # specifies the spin of the system
pdmet.cas = (2,2)                                        # the active space using the notation: (elec,orb)
pdmet.molist = [1,3]                                     # using MOs 1 and 3 in the active space (starts from 0)  
pdmet.initialize()                                       # initializes the dmet calculation
pdmet.one_shot()                                         # performs a single-shot DMET


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