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Laura Wins Royal Society of Chemistry’s Faraday Lectureship Prize

Laura has been named the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Faraday Lectureship Prize, celebrating the most exciting chemical science taking place today.

She won the prize for contributions to the development of multireference quantum chemical approaches to describe catalysis and excited state phenomena. She also receives £3000 and a medal. Read more about it from the Department of Chemistry here. Brava, Laura!

Dr. Matt Simons successfully defends his thesis

Dr. Matt Simons successfully defended his doctoral thesis with the title “C-H Activation via Direct Oxidative Routes over Molecular Metal-oxo Species Situated in Metal-Organic Frameworks.”

Matt has accepted a position at the Dow Chemical Company as a Senior Research Specialist in Packaging, Specialty Plastics and Hyrdocarbons R&D, Process and Catalysis, New Process Technology Development Department located in Freeport, TX.