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In a recent Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) communication, two members of the Gagliardi group, graduate student Chad Hoyer and post-doctorate Giovanni Li Manni, computationally characterized an unprecedented two-coordinate, high-spin Mn(0) complex.

The work was in collaboration with Professor Cameron Jones of Monash University and Professor Keith Murray of Cardiff University. The molecule has been experimentally shown to behave as an “inorganic Grignard reagent” in the preparation of the first two-coordinate Mn(I) dimer and a heterobimetallic Mn(II)-Cr(0) complex.

Gagliardi Group research featured on February 5th cover of JACS

Gagliardi group research was featured on the February 5 cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The study established magnetic and bonding properties for specific metal-metal pairings, which holds promise for achieving predictable and precise control of cluster properties through metal atom substitution. The work is a collaboration between the groups of Laura Gagliardi, Connie Lu, and Eckhard Bill, Ph.D., from the Max Planck for Chemical Energy Conversion. Graduate student Steve Tereniak designed and executed the syntheses. Graduate student Becky Carlson performed the theoretical calculations with assistance from Rémi Maurice, Ph.D., and Hyun Jung Kim. The anomalous X-ray scattering experiments were performed by Laura Clouston from the Lu group, Vic Young Jr., Ph.D., and Yu-Sheng Chen, Ph.D., from ChemMatCARS.